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Coaching Programs

One on One Coaching

Feel centered, happy and ready to live your purpose in life by coaching 1:1 with me. 

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Dianne Raynor Coaching was born out of my own personal growth and is committed to helping women who are ready to move from a life of merely existing and mediocrity into a life of loving and honoring self while creating a meaningful life where inward peace and joy are experienced. There are many symptoms that one may present with: palpitations, insomnia, weight gain, pressure in the chest/throat, inability to focus, unable to turn mind off at night, disconnected from self, a feeling of spinning and spiraling all at the same time, hopelessness, even procrastination. Often thoughts of being unworthy, not good enough, unloved and not being acknowledged plague one's subconscious. This can all lead one to become stagnate within their own life.

Through the coaching process you are guided to identify barriers that have limited one from fully engaging; release ones discovered blocks and build a toolbox filled with various strategies to pull from when facing obstacles.  My goal is to keep other women from experiencing overwhelm and burnout while creating a joyful, intentional life leaving you more satisfied. If any of this feels familiar with you, please give me a call.

Let's set up an Intro Consultation where we can begin your own self discovery journey .

Speaking Presentations

Dianne enjoys opportunities to speak in group settings.  She loves the ability to see everyone’s smiles, facial expressions and share a laugh or two that being in person provides. Examples of topics include gratitude, setting boundaries, learning to be more mindful and showing up for one’s own life.


Let's connect to discuss a time and venue.

Group Lecture


What my clients have to say:

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Dianne has the uncanny ability to assess your situation quickly whether you're stuck in a rut; need to take better care of yourself; or get your life in order. She asks questions that make you think deeper to get to the bottom of what's really going on and why you are passive or active in your life.

- Kim, North Carolina

Dianne is THE person you want in your corner when you are looking to make a change, be really seen and supported and need help creating and reaching your goals. I have benefited enormously from her practical advice and her generous heart. Her ability to really see what’s going on in your life, to notice the shifts and communicate it all in a loving, truthful, empowering way yields amazing results. I’m truly fortunate to have her in my support system as a guide, coach and mentor. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I am truly blessed.

— Manisha, Hawaii

Dianne is a great coach, mentor and friend who genuinely cares about your well-being and you as a person. You can’t help but feel seen, heard, respected and honored in her presence. It is obvious that she is always tuned into you and knows exactly how to guide you spiritually in a very helpful and supportive way. Dianne is a natural at giving and being love and light to others. I highly recommend her as a personal coach!

— Lana, Michigan

Group Coaching Program

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Who doesn’t love the power, strength and influence of like minds? In Dianne’s group coaching program, Resuscitate the Heart, we take a more in depth look at how we arrived where we are in life. Understanding the limiting beliefs that have been driving one’s life offers a powerful insight in how one may have been held back.

Program Consist of:

  • Each member will create a goal of something they would like to accomplish.  Working on a goal tends to reveal obstacles that have thwarted forward movement in the past.

  •  We discuss how to tap into your Higher Power (God, Source, Inner Guide) and learn to release barriers and fears identified.

  • Each member will build their own toolbox as they learn various strategies to help them in the moment with dealing with the blocks faced. 

  • Weekly Teaching Calls (3 per month)​​

  • Private Facebook Group

  •  Monthly 1:1 Coaching to provide accountability and support for each member.

It’s amazing to watch the authentic you…the person you were destined to be, emerge and shine like never before! 

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